Saturday, April 6, 2013

red lipsticks

So, helllllllllllo everyone. It's been a while from blogging. I've been busy with school tasks lately, and exams. Hello to April and Happy Easter Day #imsolate.

I was invited by my friend, Gilbert to shoot her in the evening. And he brought another new friend, called Riky and he's another expert in flash photography.

So here it is, one of my portfolios. 

Talent: Clara Sutantio
Location: Rooftop

I love this concept anyway, the white neutralizes navy and red. And also i love the property, such as cigarettes. I shot her at 3 PM anyway, So when it comes to the sun, it adds a lil bit of vibrant and i love it.

And she jazzed it up with Rayban shades. *not to mention that, that-is-dope*, and i love her knuckle ring anyway. Oh, and the piercing.


Anyway, I've been jammin to Justin Timberlake's new singles: Suit&Tie and Mirrors. His new appearance is just amazing, and the music video is dope as hell too. Don't forget to purchase his songs on Itunes.

I'll post my portfolios in fashion styling, makeup, and photography with Sean and Naomi in the end of month. I'll shot them on 16th April. Im busy with my new tasks for magazine and SMAK3Week. 

See you<3

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

tell me to go away

well heyyyyyyyyyyyy its my first post about styling look.
introducing you to Trisha, she was willing to by styled for my new post.

so here it's,

she was wearing a textured white shirt with gold button, lacey oxford shoes, broken white socks, and highwaisted jeans

Highwaisted jeans - Bangkok trip
Lacey Oxford - Grizzly

i love how the texture is, its like a cracked eggs. and the gold buttons! it really gives a vintage look.

How's your vintage look?
Give me some clue in the comment box.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

freakin young and free

So its my new post

 These photos i uploaded has to be my first post, i was confused what to post
So these models, Riri Mickey and Rya Nightingale were havin fun with the cigarettes and sunglasses.

It took their pictures with my school pals, and a crowded of senior photographers. like a thousand photographers. I had to compete with others to take these girls' picts. 

she rocked it with wolf printed tees, sunglasses, red highwaisted jeans, and a pair of black boots.

The left side is Riri and the right side is Rya

 The sun was soooo high that you can tell the reflection of her sunglasses.
But it was fun!
 I love the way they posed, and the way they smoked. Freakin hot.

How is your first post in blog?
Tell me and comment!